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Apple LogoIn breaking news today, Apple has released it’s newest line of… wait, honestly, who cares? Do Apple products really make your life that much better that you have to give a shit what they do?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but when a new iPod Nano is released it isn’t big news at all. The release of a new product is inevitable. Every year every gas guzzling car gets a new model because that’s what car companies do; they release new models because they want to feed their families at 6pm every night. Similarly, every year or sometimes less than a year depending if they’re greedy, Apple releases new models of their cash cow products.

If you buy into the hype each year of the new models, you will find yourself extremely depressed. Why? Because contrary to popular belief, buying gadgets will not make you happy. Listening to the same old music on a new iPod rather than your old one will not make you anymore happy. Staying in line and purchasing the new iPhone when you already have a perfectly good new phone will not completely change your life.

I have every gadget I could possibly want and I am a miserable person who writes articles trying to make you feel bad about your greedy disposition. Well, I’m just kidding… sorta. I love life and it’s just I have better things to worry about than how well Apple does financially. You should too because every little news you hear about the latest iPod is just advertisement for you to pop into those depressing Apple Stores. If you stop paying attention to the latest news of when the new iPod is coming out, and how a 20 gigabyte increase in hard drive space will somehow make your music sound better, then you will feel much more content.

Apple StocksA possible solution that I found is asking yourself the simple question, “Do I really need it?” In the case of the iPhone, sure I thought the product was good but I honestly didn’t need it at all. I have a good cell phone, a good mp3 player that I hardly use, and I have multiple computers that I rather use to surf the Internet. I felt the iPhone would be a waste on myself because I would probably only use it for making phone calls. On the other hand, if you were in a market for a mp3 player and a new phone, then purchasing the iPhone would make a lot of sense. Also if you’re looking to toss out your 4-year-old phone for a brand new iPhone, then by all means do; all I’m saying is if you really could live without it, then continue to do so!

The reality of it is that people pay a lot of money to have the coolest gadgets. I can empathize because I feel that way quite often. We were all programmed to feel bad about ourselves because we don’t have this or that. I feel sick thinking of how much money I’ve spent on technology over the years. The best example is when you purchase the top of a line computer it will be “obsolete” as soon as you take it out of the store. Now I beg to ask the question, who put that idea into our head? Media, no doubt. Who pays for media? The advertisers. And obviously the advertisers are the ones trying to sell you new things.

I personally use a Dell laptop, 700mhz Pentium 3 that works perfectly fine and allows me to run everything I need. If “obsolete” is a computer that you just purchased then my Pentium 3 laptop is beyond ancient. If anyone told me that, I’d simply tell them my Pentium 3 does everything I ask it to do and so how is that obsolete? As a web designer I have created numerous websites on my Pentium 3 laptop and I still do to this day. If an obsolete machine can earn me lots of money, then it really isn’t so obsolete now is it?

The next time you open up a magazine, turn on the TV, or look at the walls at the train station and see an advertisement try to remember that all they want is your money. The new iPod will be great, but if your iPod Mini is still playing music then why bother? Save your money for something worthwhile that will make more of an impact on you than an extra 4gb of space.

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