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iPhone Hacked

iPhone HackedDespite recent security reports by Apple, the iPhone has effectively been broken into. Apple is known for their iron-clad operating systems and deny that the iPhone is susceptible to hacking or security breaches. However, recent hackers have found a critical flaw in the iPhone.

“By using a simple chisel and hammer,” reports a hacker known as 133tb0+, “i was able to break into the iPhone.”

This isn’t the only report of hackers exploiting this critical flaw. Other reports of table saw intrusions, breach by slamming in a car door, and using the “really big rock I found in my yard” back door have been popping up on message boards.

“I can’t believe Apple overlooked this simple access point to the sweet sweet goods under their hood,” says Carl Friedson, a securities expert at McAfee. “Although it is not a traditional hack, it doesn’t take Corky from Life Goes On to find this one. I think it was just a matter of time before someone got angry and accidentally found it.”

Apple angrily denied that the iPhone is soft, issuing this statement: “Are you people fucking idiots? Of course you can open it up if you slam it really hard. This isn’t anything new. Stop breaking your goddamn iPhones and let them break on their own naturally, over the next three years.”

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